Yasmin Ali-Ani Spence


Subject: Dyson Student Accomodation
Speaking at: 2020 Offsite

Yasmin has led multiple projects since joining WilkinsonEyre in 2014. Working closely with Dyson, she lead project teams for the 2015 Dyson campus expansion. Her experience constributed to the growth of WilkinsonEyre's work in Research & Development.

Speaking on Day 2 of 2020 Offsite Housing Yasmin will explore Dyson Student Accomadation as a casestudy. Dyson Institute of Engineering and Technology includes 67 student accomodation pods stacked and angled. The offsite construction process saw pods transported from Scotland to Wiltshire. Great care was exercised to ensure students felt part of the wider Dyson community and get immersed in a positive and productive living environment.

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